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  • Multiculturalism in the British Commonwealth

    Comparative Perspectives on Theory and Practice

    Richard T. Ashcroft, Mark Bevir (eds.)

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    Multiculturalism in the British Commonwealth examines cultural diversity across the postwar Commonwealth, situating modern multiculturalism in its national, international, and historical contexts. Bringing together practitioners from across the humanities and social sciences to explore the legal, political, and philosophical issues involved, these essays address common questions: What is postwar multiculturalism? Why did it come about? How have social actors responded to it? In addition to chapters on Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand, this volume also covers India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, and Trinidad, tracing the historical roots of contemporary dilemmas back to the intertwined legacies of imperialism and liberalism. In so doing, it demonstrates that multiculturalism has implications that stretch far beyond current formulations in public and academic discourse.

    “This volume makes a significant contribution to the history and politics of crossnational multiculturalism within the English-speaking world. I expect this book to quickly become a principal text.” ANDREW FAGAN, author of Human Rights and Cultural Diversity

    “Ashcroft and Bevir have put together an excellent collection of essays by a first-rate group of scholars. I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in the challenges posed by cultural and national identity to liberal democratic states.” PHIL PARVIN, author of Karl Popper

    RICHARD T. ASHCROFT is a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science and in the International and Area Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley. His research has been published in the Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy and The Political Quarterly.

    MARK BEVIR is Professor of Political Science and the Director of the Center for British Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also Professor of Governance at the United Nations University and a Distinguished Research Professor at Swansea University. He is the author of A Theory of Governance, The Making of British Socialism, and Democratic Governance.


    World History 

    Language: English

    EPUB 978-0-520-97110-3
    Mobi 978-0-520-97110-3
    Paperback 978-0-520-29932-0
    PDF 978-0-520-97110-3

    DOI: https://doi.org/10.1525/luminos.73

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    Ashcroft R. & Bevir M. (eds.) 2019. Multiculturalism in the British Commonwealth: Comparative Perspectives on Theory and Practice. California: University of California Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1525/luminos.73
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