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  • Algeria

    Lia Brozgal, Rebecca Glasberg

    Chapter from the book: Brozgal L. & Glasberg R. 2023. A Jewish Childhood in the Muslim Mediterranean: A Collection of Stories Curated by Leïla Sebbar.


    Chapter contents: 

    Country Snapshot
    Rebecca Glasberg

    Excellent Frenchmen
    Jean-Luc Allouche

    Joëlle Bahloul

    Djelfa, My Beloved
    Albert Bensoussan

    Between Agony and Delight
    Patrick Chemla

    An Algiers Girlhood
    Alice Cherki

    Kaddish for a Lost Childhood
    Roger Dadoun

    Like a Slap in the Face
    Line Meller-Saïd

    “No, Not Jewish. Israelite”
    Daniel Mesguich

    With All Due Respect . . .
    Aldo Naouri

    The Hammam, and Afterwards
    Benjamin Stora

    The Courtyard
    Dany Toubiana





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    Brozgal L. & Glasberg R. 2023. Algeria. In: Brozgal L. & Glasberg R (eds.), A Jewish Childhood in the Muslim Mediterranean. California: University of California Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1525/luminos.155.g

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    Published on May 17, 2023