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    A New Publishing Option for Authors

    We’re the place where the best of digital media—from flexible formats and rich media capabilities to enhanced discoverability—meets the freedom of Open Access. Audiences can access your work free of charge and in any format they want.


    Like all UC Press titles, Luminos books are peer reviewed and vetted by our faculty board, and receive exemplary care and attention throughout the editing, distribution, and marketing process.

    Our promise:

    • Selection and curation from experienced editors with deep expertise in their fields
    • The same scrutiny and peer review as our traditional titles
    • Highest standards of technological and digital expertise at every phase of the publishing process

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    We have long valued our role as public intellectuals who are willing and indeed, eager, to bring ideas into the messy real world and participate in the debates that change lives—and this model is perfectly suited to that sort of effort. Moreover, the central messages of our book are all really reflected in the open-access model Luminos is helping to pioneer. It’s a perfect fit for us and we’re proud to be part of this launch.

    Manuel Pastor,
    Professor of Sociology,
    American Studies & Ethnicity, USC

    Amplify The Reach of Your Work

    We give you the technological, marketing, and publishing support you need to reach the right audience. The digital edition of your book will be available free of charge to anyone around the world.

    People can read it online or download it to a personal device in any format they choose.

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    Choice and Control Over Your Work

    Creative Commons is fast becoming the academic community’s standard for open access publishing. It provides the legal foundation for protecting content in an open digital environment while allowing varying levels of reuse, depending on the license.

    To protect your work, your book will be published under a Creative Commons license. UC Press advocates the use of the CC-BY license which allows the most liberal reuse of content, enables the greatest contribution to the digital commons, and maximises dissemination. It may also be required by some funding bodies. UC Press is prepared to use alternative CC licenses at an author’s request.

    The Best of Both Worlds

    Luminos combines the reach and flexibility of open digital with the option of traditional print. For reviewers and award committees who ask for ink on paper, we’ll make print copies available.

    And anyone else who wants to hold your book in their hands can easily purchase a print copy.

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    A Sustainable Model

    Monographs are costly to publish. When you publish in the Open Access Luminos program, the burden is shared across the academic community. That means the baseline $15,000 publishing cost is broken down into manageable amounts for the researcher, the university, the library, and us.

    Any surplus from library memberships and print sales goes into an author waiver fund, so we can nurture future work.