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    The evolution of monograph publishing

    Luminos is University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program for monographs. With the same high standards for selection, peer review, production and marketing as our traditional program, Luminos is a transformative model, built as a partnership where costs and benefits are shared.

    Monograph Publishing Today

    Monographs are the cornerstone of scholarly research in the humanities and social sciences, but have long been under siege. Shrinking library budgets and rising costs result in higher prices. The upshot is that presses must reduce the number of titles they publish, regardless of the merits of the work.

    In the current system, distribution is limited to a few hundred purchases of each monograph. Libraries can’t build comprehensive collections, and readers can’t find or access important scholarly work. And new forms of digital and multimedia scholarship can’t flourish in a print-first/only model. It’s time for a breakthrough.

    Open Access

    Open Access offers the potential to exponentially increase the visibility and impact of scholarly work by making it globally accessible and freely available in digital formats. Costs are covered up front through subventions, breaking down barriers of access at the other end—for libraries and for individual readers anywhere in the world.

    Open Access provides our framework for preserving and reinvigorating monograph publishing for the future.

    The UC Press Model

    We believe in sharing costs between all parties who benefit from publication—author or institution, publisher, and libraries. In our model no one entity carries the whole burden, making it sustainable for the long haul.

    The selection and review processes remain the same as in our traditional program; the same exacting criteria and peer review standards apply.

    Creative Commons licensing options allow authors to control how their work is used.

    For Authors For Libraries

    Our Advisory Board

    Meet our prestigious advisory board. These visionaries have guided the launch of the Luminos program and will continue to provide advice. They are aligned by a desire to create a model that preserves rigorous quality and peer review, but also enables important work to join the world of digital debate and scholarship.

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